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Rebuild, Repair, Rehabilitate, and Recondition Existing Switchgear

Power Systems Change With Time...

Onsite reconditioning is a relatively inexpensive method of preventing an unscheduled costly outage. This can be done with a minimum or even no outage time (depending on the circumstance). Items such as:

  • Recalibrating or replacing protective devices
  • Replacing decaying insulation systems
  • Repairing or adjusting circuit interrupting devices
  • General rehabilitation

Are far less costly and time consuming than entire replacement or unscheduled outage problems.

The decline of switchgear performance can be attributed to:

  • Increased short circuit availability
  • Changes in environment
  • General insulation deterioration
  • Changes in loading
  • Aging of components
  • Natural wear and tear

These will ultimately cause failures with serious loss of production or provide unsafe working conditions.