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Lexclad Insulation for Switchgear Lexclad Insulation for Switchgear

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The POWERCONtrol Complex - An Integrated Power Distribution System  (330.81KB)

For Insulating 5,000 to 15,000 Volt Metal-Enclosed Switchgear Buses

Extremely durable and dimensionally stable, Powercon's Lexclad Insulation Systems are constructed of a versatile new high temperature thermoplastic. These high performance insulation systems consist of a variety of molded boots, available in custom made and stock sizes, and extruded sleeves of various sizes, all for use in the insulation of copper or aluminum bus bars. Powercon's Lexclad Insulation Systems offer a unique combination of versatile performance and fabricating characteristics which other materials fail to match.

LEXANİ polycarbonate resin is the raw material used in the manufacturing of Lexclad Insulation Systems. This material was selected because of its excellent electrical properties and dimensional stability. LEXANİ resin performance characteristics surpass those of all other engineering quality thermoplastics.

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