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5 to 38kV Load Break Interrupter Switches 5 to 38kV Load Break Interrupter Switches

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Modern Load-Break Interrupter Switches, Type PIF  (501.55KB)

Frame Mounted Heavy Duty Rugged Industrial Load Break Switches with Superior Features Provide:

  • Unequaled Dependability
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • Long Interrupting Life
  • Greater Safety
  • Simple to Install and Operate
These switches are used:
  • On the primary of transformers for their protection and isolation
  • For the protection and isolation of single circuit systems
  • For the protection and isolation of multi-circuit systems
  • For automatic transfer schemes where their ratings are not exceeded

Powercon Load Break Interrupter Switches are applied in the control and switching of Power Distribution Systems having nominal a.c. voltage ratings from 2.4kV to 34.5kV. These switches are available with either electrical or mechanical operators. When used in conjunction with fuses they will afford overload, short circuit, and disconnect services.

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