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Powercon Test Facilities

Medium-Duty, Cost Effective Electric Power Testing

Our testing capabilities can determine:

  • Conformance to ANSI and IEEE standards.
  • Verification that new or existing electric power equipment meets purchaser's required specifications.
  • Performance of electrical or mechanical products for R&D investigations.

The cost effective performance is not burdened by high overhead and large power demand charges. Arrangements for testing are flexible.

The broad range of quality testing is kept in strict confidence with only the purchaser having access to the test results.

Impulse Testing:
400kV Generator. When both are connected in a series, they can deliver 1,100kV
400kV Impulse test on standoff insulator and insulated bus using 700kV generator
Current Testing:
Continuous Current
Continuous current tests of up to 20,000A, 3-phase, with current equalizer. Temperature/Current records of up to 120 points can be recorded simultaneously at prescribed intervals on programmable data collection system
High Current Power Transformers
Variable voltage taps capable of delivering up to 100,000A within selective impedances